The 7 Best British Cooking Shows To Stream Now


Which best British cooking shows are currently the most popular? Which are still in progress and which have been completed? We’ll look at some of the best British food shows in this article. While the Food Network and series like Top Chef, Iron Chef, and no shortage of famous celebrity chefs abound in the United States, we’ll focus on the UK’s most popular cooking shows.

What to watch in British cooking shows?

Cooking is one of those things that we all wish we did more of, and with the economy in such a state of flux, many people are studying the fine art of culinary design in the comfort of their own homes. What better way to learn how to cook from the masters than from the masters themselves? There is a variety of British cooking shows available, including those that teach you how to cook and others that showcase cooking in the framework of a game or reality show.

Perhaps you’d rather not cook at all and instead learn about the history of your favorite dishes. In any case, if you want to learn how to cook, there are a number of best British food shows for you!  All of the shows on this list are available to stream and will make your mouth water. You won’t be a master cook by the end, but you’ll be satisfied.

Top 7 great British food shows

1. Food Unwrapped


The show, which explores the truths behind what we unintentionally consume on a daily basis and is now in its fourth series, has become a Channel 4 Monday night number one. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton, and Matt Tebbutt, presenters of an alternative look at the food industry, have been making over a million consumers more food savvy on a weekly basis, traveling around the world to unearth the little-known reality and facts of what lands on our plates and how it gets there.

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2. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares


Chef Gordon Ramsay aided struggling restaurants in this show. He doesn’t hold back in pointing out the cooks’, waiters’, and management’s mistakes. Kitchen Nightmares (Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA in the UK) is the American version of the cooking show, which debuted in 2007 and helped turn Gordon Ramsay into a global celebrity. The show has also spawned international adaptations in 24 countries (including the American version with Ramsay himself).

Interestingly, Ramsay failed to save a struggling restaurant in Yorkshire in the first episode. By the end of the episode, the proprietor has made the decision to close the restaurant and concentrate on the upstairs bar.

3. Master Chef


Master Chef, held every year, is one of the great British cooking shows. It’s for folks who enjoy cooking and features amateur cooks competing for first place. Following the auditions, the contestants are put through a series of tasks in the hopes of earning the Master Chef trophy.

The market test, the calling card, the invention test, the impression exam, the ingredients test, the passion test, the choice test, and the palate test are among the various types of tests that contestants must face.

4. Saturday Kitchen


Saturday Kitchen is a British cooking show that airs mostly on Saturdays. The show features a celebrity guest, two guest chefs, and a primary host chef. The chefs will produce food while chatting with one another, and footage from the BBC archives will be used to fill in the gaps between the courses. The omelet challenge, in which guests are pushed to cook an omelet as rapidly as they can, is one of the show’s highlights. In fact, Theo Randall owns the Guinness World Record for completing an omelet in 14.76 seconds.

In addition to these shows, Netflix has a plethora of excellent British food shows from around the world. Watching culinary shows is generally a good idea if you want to become a better baker, perfect your pastries, be crowned King of Cheesecake, or simply enhance your meals.

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5. The Great British Baking Show

great british baking show

The Great British Baking Show (known as The Great British Bake Off across the pond) is the least cutthroat, most low-key British baking show you will ever have the pleasure of watching. When it was announced that hosts Mel and Sue, as well as judge Mary Berry, would be leaving the show when it moved to Channel 4, the real-world love with GBBS prompted online hostility.

The anthropomorphic bakery in an early video for the new incarnation—hosted by Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh), with new judge Prue Leith—frightened fans, but the new iteration is just as entertaining as you’ll recall.

The famously difficult-to-please Paul Apart from the secret technical challenge, Hollywood is still around to throw candidates through the ringer of three bakes for which they have plenty of time to prepare. Over the course of the season, the bakers form such a bond that when one of their friends goes, everyone else misses them. That’s incredible!

6. The Big Family Cooking Showdown


This is the perfect show to replace the gentle British food competition show-sized hole in your life if you’ve run out of Great British Baking Show episodes to watch. You’ll be especially thrilled to learn that Nadiya Hussain, the extremely adorable sixth season winner of GBBS, is one of the Mel and Sue-type hosts. As sets of British families compete to show off their home cooking synergies to Michelin-rated Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli and famous British cooking instructor Rosemary Shrager, she’s there for support.

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7. The Great British Menu


This series pairs top professional chefs from throughout the country against each other, and it’s another BBC British chef TV show. They compete to have their recipes included on the final menu for a huge, public special occasion, such as banquets for the Queen and Royal Family, London Olympics celebrations, and the D-Day 70th anniversary. With up to 2.5 million viewers, it’s easy to see why the show has been renewed for a ninth season.

You can put your cookbooks, recipe cards, and Pinterest boards to rest now that you have these best British cooking shows on your side. Allow yourself to take a risk and try something new. The cooking movie presents the great British food shows on movie streaming services to watch right now, ranging from adorable competitive shows to hilarious originals and mind-blowing docuseries.