The 12 Best Chef Movies For Food Lovers Enjoy And Relax


Gather your munchies and hot cocoa, and prepare to curl up in front of the television for a night of culinary movies, hot chefs, all-star actors, romantic plots, and outstanding scriptwriting. These best chef movies will entice you with their delicious food and endearing characters, and thankfully for you, we’ve got ten movies queued up for you to binge-watch for hours.

Why should we try some of the best chef movies?

For foodies, there are plenty of wonderful cuisine-based films to enjoy. While some are primarily about cooking and eating, others utilize food as a means of connecting to the story’s greater themes. There have even been a few best chef movies that have come to define this genre.

Food can mean a lot to everyone, whether it’s a famous chef searching for their next big break, a rat who simply wants to follow his goals, or a young girl who is permanently bonded to her father because of the gumbo they created. It’s a significant aspect of culture and can convey incredible stories, which could explain why people are so drawn to food films.

Top 12 best chef movies for foodies to enjoy

1. Chef 


The Chef was certainly a passion project for Jon Favreau, as it allowed him to learn a lot more about the food industry while also crafting a film about a father and son bonding over a food truck!

Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, who worked with Favreau on the production, were among the stars of the successful picture. It has subsequently been adapted into a Netflix series that follows Favreau and chef Roy Choi, as well as a variety of special guests.

2. Julie And Julia 


Julie and Julia is a movie about chefs, following a dream, and how two lives can have such a profound impact on each other. It follows Julia Child, an extraordinarily well-liked and acclaimed TV chef who climbed to new heights for the era.

Julie Powell, who wanted to cook all of Child’s complicated recipes for her blog, became involved in her life. While Julia is said to have been unimpressed with the “stunt” in real life, the film does highlight Julia’s undying love for food and cooking.

3. Ratatouille


Ratatouille is undoubtedly the most well-known animated picture among food enthusiasts, and it is considered one of Pixar’s greatest films. All because of a rat that wants to cook, Remy ends up in a Parisian kitchen, where he must partner up with a dumb chef seeking to make it big.

Ratatouille depicts the love that passionate chefs have for their food, in addition to the excellent comedy and stunning animation. For years, since its publication, the renowned reviewer scene has been used as a comparison of genuine food critics. If you love this movie, you can also read our article on food cartoon movies right here on our website.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey 


The Hundred-Foot Journey is, in many respects, the definitive film about food business competition. A brilliant Indian family relocates to France and opens their own restaurant in the hopes of attracting locals with their unique cuisine.

This sparks a rivalry with a well-known restaurant across the street, and a struggle ensues. However, through this fascinating and rigorous look at the labor that goes into running a successful food business, relationships and bonds are developed.

5. Salt N’ Pepper


While many consider Salt N’ Pepper to be a romantic picture, it features a tagline that roughly translates to ‘A Story About Making A Dosa.’ Food and cooking, in many respects, totally frame this story of love and friendship.

The power of food is demonstrated in this Malayalam Indian film. The mutual pleasure in cooking draws these lovers together, as it does countless others in the real world. It’s a film that elevates food to the point where the preparation becomes highly emotional.

6. Burnt


Burnt is a play on words because it is about a burned-out chef who has become an alcoholic as well as the art of cooking. The film portrays the stresses of working in a kitchen and the high-pressure scenarios that can emerge with great realism.

Despite the pressures, Bradley Cooper’s Adam Jones is adamant about opening a profitable restaurant. The film depicts a chef’s true hardships as well as the process of truly constructing a long-lasting establishment.

7. Love’s Kitchen


After the death of his wife, a London chef and restaurateur chooses to retire to the countryside. He intends to acquire a run-down tavern and turn it into a gourmet restaurant while he is there. His meal eventually captures the attention of a culinary critic (Claire Forlani), and the two quickly bond over their mutual love of eating. Surprisingly, Gordan Ramsey himself appears in this film as another chef – I assumed he only did reality shows, but this may be interesting!

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8. The Ramen Girl


Britney Murphy plays a young American woman trapped in Tokyo after her lover breaks up with her in this 2008 romantic comedy. She feels at home in a Japanese restaurant, where she requests the head chef, a Japanese expert, to train her as a ramen cook. It showcases Japanese culinary culture and the welcoming spirit of the Japanese people in such a way that viewers will feel strongly attached to the characters and plot line.

9. Simply Irresistible


Simply Irresistible, this chef movie tells the story of a young chef (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who is dedicated to cooking with her heart and soul. Unfortunately for her, she isn’t very good at it until she meets a man, and their connection mysteriously makes those who eat her food experience the same emotions she did while cooking it, making it irresistible. This is the ideal film for a romantic movie night with nice food and attractive personalities.

10. Today’s Special


This film is an excellent illustration of how food can unite people. It’s humorous, sweet, and immensely comforting, with topics ranging from family bonding to everyday romance. After his father suffers a heart attack, a young Manhattan sous chef is forced to take over as head chef of his family’s restaurant. He rediscovers his roots, passion for cooking, and love for life through the job at hand and the people he encounters along the way, after initially dreading it.

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11. Chocolat


The film stars Johnny Depp, Judy Dench, and Juliette Binoche as a mother and daughter who move to a conservative French town and open a chocolaterie. Her chocolate creations bring joy and happiness to the traditional locals, and frayed relationships begin to mend. In 2001, the film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards and is still considered a masterpiece in the culinary film genre.

12. No Reservations


You’ve been missing out if you haven’t seen No Reservations! It’s a touching film about a self-absorbed cook (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who is left to look after her niece after her sister is killed in a car accident. She’s forced to balance her late nights in the kitchen with caring for a bereaved child, all while dealing with her own sorrow and inhibitions. She discovers, with the help of her sous chef, Nick, and her niece, Zoe, that cooking isn’t just about preserving order and managing her employees but can also be about having fun, laughing, and enjoying yourself.

Have you found your favorite movies among our list of the best chef movies to binge yet? This list includes Academy Award-winning films starring Meryl Streep, Judy Dench, and others. Helen Mirren, Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johanssen, and Robert Downey Junior are among the actors who have appeared in the film. What’s more, they’re all located in the culinary industry, which is a real pleasure for foodies like us!