The 8 best cooking competition shows on Amazon Prime

My kitchen rules best cooking competition shows on amazon prime

Cooking competition series, presented by some of television’s most entertaining celebrity chefs, have become one of the most popular television genres. The best cookery shows on television are the reason for some of the best series on television right now. Below is our special list of the best cooking shows on Amazon Prime.

Watching the best cooking competition shows on Amazon Prime – Our recommendations

If you enjoy both cuisine and game shows, a decent competitive cooking series is just what you’re looking for right now. Although some of these shows are more dramatic than others, they still provide an inside look at how chefs create culinary masterpieces. The nicest aspect is that they nearly always have to complete it within a certain amount of time.

While many people watch food videos on Netflix and YouTube, there are some good cooking shows on Amazon Prime. Although it isn’t their greatest category, it does contain some hidden treasures. We’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best competitive cooking shows on Amazon Prime right now, but if you ever feel inspired to whip up some delicacies of your own, check out our list of simple recipes.

Top 8 best cooking competition shows on Amazon Prime

1. Next Level Chef

Next level chef best cooking competition shows on amazon prime

Chef Gordon Ramsay scours the country for the best line cooks, home chefs, social media stars, food truck owners, and everyone in between, all in the hopes of discovering the food world’s next superstar. Ramsay and his co-mentors leave. As they individually select a group of brilliant chefs and take them under their wings, aided by two elite names in the food industry, chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. As they all endeavor to find “the one,” Ramsay and his friends try to bring out the best in their cooks. Ramsay is a firm believer in a chef’s ability to reach the top if he or she has the ambition, talent, and perseverance. As competitors adjust to the challenges ahead of them, creativity, consistency, and cunning are the keys to progressing to the next stage. Chefs fight for the title of “Next Level Chef” and a life-changing $250,000 grand prize.

2. Great British Menu

Great british menu competitive cooking shows on amazon prime

The production value of cooking competitions is sometimes overestimated. Opening a can of beans can be dramatic when accompanied by powerful music and the correct camera angle. The drama is high when a chance to cook for British royalty is on the line, as it is in this famous cooking competition shows on Amazon Prime. This presentation is both fun and educational.

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3. The Great British Bake Off

The great british bake off cooking competition shows on amazon prime

The Great British Bake Off, also known as The Great British Baking Show, is one of the most popular and successful baking shows on Amazon Prime. Round after round, the series follows aspiring bakers as they participate in high-stakes tournaments. Bakers compete in three challenges each week in the hopes of impressing the judges enough to proceed to the next stage and be named Britain’s best amateur baker.

4. Cupcake Wars

Cupcake wars best cooking competition shows on amazon prime

The best things in life, such as our favorite delicious cupcakes, are typically packaged in small packages. Cupcake Wars is a baking shows on Amazon Prime that follows amateur bakers and celebrities as they compete in rounds to create delectable, topically themed, and enormous cupcakes. The skill necessary to make dozens of these delectable cupcakes is extremely astounding, making this show an excellent binge-watch option. 

5. Britain’s Best Bakery

Britain's best bakery cooking competition shows on amazon prime

Britain’s Best Bakery is a British daytime food show hosted by Wendi Peters and judged by Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell. It is part of the ITV Food category. The show ran from November 26, 2012, through February 14, 2014.

The TV show is a talent competition with the goal of finding the finest independent, family-run, or community bakery. Bakeries from all across the UK compete in a series of baking challenges designed to put their skills to the test and whet the appetites of viewers. Traditional bakers with top-secret family recipes fight against former patisserie experts, and bread-makers are pushed to create gorgeous celebration cakes in this rigorous competition. Two prominent bakers judge the competition, not only tasting and analyzing the baked goods but also visiting the bakeries. The tournament progresses from regional heats to a dramatic conclusion in which Britain’s Best Bakery is crowned. Britain’s Best Bakery celebrates baking in all of its delectable forms in the United Kingdom. It is also a celebration of the nation’s bakeries and bakers, presenting fascinating anecdotes about Britain and its regions, towns, and cultures.

6. My Kitchen Rules

My kitchen rules best cooking competition shows on amazon prime

My Kitchen Rules is an Australian competitive cooking game program that has been broadcast on the Seven Network since 2010. Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, two celebrity chefs and co-hosts, have appeared in every season of the show. They were in charge of all challenges and judging during the series, with Colin Fassnidge serving as both a judge and a mentor in the kitchen. The series was conceived by the same team that brought you My Restaurant Rules on Seven, and it was modeled on the popularity of Network 10’s MasterChef Australia.

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7. Top Chef

Top chef competitive cooking shows on amazon prime

Top Chef is an American reality competition television show that debuted on Bravo on March 8, 2006. Chefs compete against each other in culinary challenges on the show. Each episode features one or more candidates being eliminated by a panel of expert chefs and other notables from the food and wine industry. Magical Elves Productions, the firm behind Project Runway, is behind the show.

Top Chef Masters, which features renowned award-winning chefs, and Top Chef Just Desserts, which features pastry chefs, are two of the show’s spin-off series. Top Chef Junior debuted on Universal Kids in October 2017 with contestants in their early teens. Top Chef Amateurs, a spin-off showcasing home cooks, premiered in July 2021. Another spin-off, Top Chef Family Style, debuted on Peacock in September 2021. Top Chef has also spawned other international adaptations.

8. Chopped

Chopped cooking competition shows on amazon prime

Chopped was created by Michael Krupat, Dave Noll, and Linda Lea and is an American reality cooking television game show. Ted Allen is the show’s host. The show sets four chefs against each other in a competition for a $10,000 prize.

Each episode of this competitive cooking show features four chefs competing in a three-round competition to incorporate unique ingredient combinations into dishes that are then judged by a panel of three judges. The chefs are handed a basket containing four mystery items at the start of each round (usually “Appetizer,” “Entrée,” and “Dessert,” but with occasional exceptions) and are asked to make meals that employ all of them in some fashion. Although failure to use an ingredient does not automatically disqualify you, the judges do consider such omissions when making their conclusions.

Which cooking competition shows on Amazon Prime are the best? Vote for the greatest culinary competition shows and see where your favorite competitive cooking series comes in rank. Whichever type of competition you prefer, from barbeque to haute cuisine, Thecookingmovie is bound to bring these shows for you.