The 10 Best Food & Cooking Shows On Netflix


If you enjoy cooking and game shows, a decent cooking competition shows is just what you’re looking for right now. Some of these series are more dramatic than others, but they all provide a behind-the-scenes peek at how chefs create culinary wonders. Let’s discover popular and famous cooking shows with us.

What are cooking competition shows?

In most competitive cooking shows, competitors compete against one another in a variety of cooking challenges, such as producing a dish using particular ingredients in a specific amount of time. Each contender is vying for the title of winner and the top prize (usually in the form of money). The candidates will be judged by a panel of judges, who are usually celebrities or well-known chefs. They are the ones who decide who wins the competition in the end. These competitive culinary shows are not only entertaining and exciting, but they also highlight an important part of everyone’s lives: food! Countless cooking competition show have aired on television for decades. Which best cooking show competitions, on the other hand, reign supreme and are worth watching?

The 4 best cooking show on Netflix

1. Hell’s Kitchen (2005)


Hell’s Kitchen is the epitome of the best cooking shows on Netflix. Each season involves two teams of chefs competing for the position of head chef at a restaurant, hosted by Gordon Ramsey himself. Hell’s Kitchen is more about dealing with the challenges of running a successful restaurant than it is about cooking wonderful food, thanks to systematic elimination and incessant yelling.

2. The Final Table (2018)competitive-cooking-shows

The Final Table is also a cooking competition shows on Netflix that takes place all over the world. The contest has 12 teams of chefs from around the world competing for a spot at the Final Table, and the show features a slew of well-known chefs. Each episode will feature a range of celebrities and ambassadors and will focus on one country’s signature food. Teams are eliminated one by one until only the finalists are left to compete in the final. Andrew Knowlton (James Beard Award-winning writer and editor-at-large for Bon Appétit) hosts The Final Table.

3. Nailed It! (2018)


Nailed It! has gained a cult following over the course of its first four seasons. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is how engrossing it is; even if you don’t want to like Nailed It!, you will. Amateur bakers compete to recreate intricate cakes, pastries, and other baked items in this series. The results are frequently hilariously bad, but each episode’s winner earns a cash prize of $10,000. Don’t miss this cooking TV Shows!

And we’re also looking forward to new season of Nailed It. This famous Netflix cooking shows will release at some point between January and June of 2022.

4. Cooked With Cannabis (2020)


Cooked with Cannabis is a cooking competition show with a twist: each meal contains some type of THC or CBD. Each chef is vying to impress a panel of judges whose expectations gradually rise as the meal progresses. While this may appear to be a novel notion, a number of excellent cannabis cookbooks have been published in recent years, demonstrating that this method of cooking is on the rise.

Top 6 best Food Network TV Shows

1. Top Chef (2006)


Top Chef is a reality food competition shows that seeks out the greatest chefs in the United States and pits them against one another. Each episode features a series of food challenges that culminate in the elimination of one or more contestants at the end of each episode only until one winner remains at the end of the season. Top Chef has produced many spin-offs, notably Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Junior, since its debut.

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2. The Next Iron Chef (2007)


Each season of The Next Iron Chef features outstanding cooks competing against one another for the title of Iron Chef. The show is hosted by Alton Brown and Mark Dacascos, aka “The Chairman.” Over the course of the show’s five seasons, five cooks became Iron Chefs.

The Next Iron Chef was resurrected as Iron Chef Gauntlet, which provided cooks the chance to become Iron Chefs. Michael Symon, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Alex Guarnaschelli are just a handful of the well-known Food Network hosts who have won the tournament.

3. Chopped (2009)


Chopped is one of Food Network’s most popular series, and it has spawned a number of spin-offs. Chopped has aired more than 630 episodes throughout the span of 50 seasons since its debut in 2009.

Ted Allen hosts Chopped, and three culinary experts taste and judge the dishes. Each round begins with the participants receiving a mystery box containing four items that must be used in their dishes. The winner of the $10,000 cash prize is the final chef standing.

4. Guy’s Grocery Games (2013)


Guy’s Grocery Games is a lighter, more laid-back version of Chopped. Each episode is set in an actual grocery shop called Flavortown Market and is hosted by Guy Fieri, one of our favorite celebrity chefs. It’s a lighthearted show in which chefs from all over the country compete in a series of tasks centered on creating high-end dishes with ingredients found in any grocery store.

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5. Beat Bobby Flay (2013)


Beat Bobby Flay premiered in 2013 and has since broadcast 28 seasons with over 350 episodes. In order to choose who will face Bobby Flay, two candidates compete in a cook-off against each other. In approximately 60% of his fights, Flay has come out on top.

Beat Bobby Flay is filmed in front of a live audience, unlike most other Food Network cooking competition show. In addition, unlike most cooking competition series, each episode of Beat Bobby Flay is only 30 minutes long, rather than the typical 1 hour.

6. Cutthroat Kitchen (2013)


Cutthroat Kitchen, hosted by Alton Brown, premiered in 2013 and ended in the summer of 2017. Each show has four contestants, with all but one of them being eliminated after three rounds. At the start of Cutthroat Kitchen, the participants are given $25,000 each. Contestants can utilize the money to pay for inconvenient sabotages for their opponents.

A guest judge appears in some episodes who is unaware of the contestants’ sabotage. The winner keeps any money that wasn’t spent on sabotaging the other rivals.

There are a number of good cooking shows on Netflix and Food Network right now, but if you’re looking for variety, you’ll have to branch out to other streaming services. Thecookingmovie provides you many list of cooking competition shows form all countries and production. If you still don’t know what to watch, try to enjoy this genre show. We also update new cooking competition shows 2022.