Top 10 Best Cooking Shows On Hulu To Level Up Your Cooking Skills


The 20 shows listed below are some of our favorite food-related shows currently available on Hulu. From classic travel-focused culinary shows to down-and-dirty cooking competitions with cutthroat contestants battling for supremacy, there’s something for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick a show that you enjoy and jump right in. After your binge, don’t forget to test out a few new recipes!

Watching the best cooking shows on Hulu

If you’re a Netflix addict who watches most of your nightly entertainment (or daily, if you need a break from your computer at 2 p.m.), you’re undoubtedly already aware that the streaming service is killing it when it comes to original cuisine programming. But don’t forget that Hulu has some of the most popular, food-focused episodes available to watch. Each of these best cooking shows on Hulu is completely worth watching, from Food Network’s best cooking competition show to a genuinely entertaining docu-series from a chef-turned-rapper. (Believe us when we say “The Handmaid’s Tale” isn’t the only reason to watch Hulu.)

The finest Hulu shows to binge right now are listed below:

Top 10 best cooking shows on Hulu right now

1. Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi


This amazing Hulu cooking show follows Padma Lakshmi, host of “Top Chef” and cookbook author, as she travels around the country to discover what true American food is. Our food is tremendously diverse—and unavoidably mixed up with politics and cultural identity—as a nation of immigrants (Lakshmi herself immigrated to the United States from India when she was four years old). From the popular (a thorough dive into “all-American” hot dogs) to lesser-known food traditions, these intricate linkages and histories are just as important to examine as all the great foods themselves (like Gullah Geechee cuisine in coastal South Carolina and indigenous ingredients in Arizona). It couldn’t have arrived at a better time, because while it makes you think, it also makes you hungry. Plus, it satisfies our want to travel while keeping us safe at home.

2. F*ck, That’s Delicious


Action Bronson was a chef in his birthplace of New York City before becoming a rapper—and suddenly, the concept of a guy who raps lyrics like “As Bocelli sings the celly rings” while presenting an original series appears a lot less bizarre. Bronson’s docuseries frequently shows his food pilgrimages when he’s on tour, such as when his crew swung by Rose’s Luxury in Washington, D.C., a favorite of the Obamas, and viewers can see he knows his way around a kitchen (and has a great time doing it).

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3. Beat Bobby Flay


Do you think you can cook as well as Bobby Flay? This Hulu cooking show‘s premise is that other chefs compete against the master, with other Food Network favorites like Sunny Anderson and Giada De Laurentiis judging the (occasionally delicious) results. Come for the cooking inspiration, but stay for the drama, as in the episode where Debi Mazar of the Cooking Channel and Ted Allen of “Chopped” compete against Flay for the top prize.

4. Bong Appetit


These aren’t the cannabis brownies your stoner pal makes. In this high-minded cooking-with-pot television series, host Abdullah Saeed, a VICE veteran and weed rights advocate, and his friends, including chef Cat Cora, take edibles to the next level by incorporating them into barbeque, Thai food, and pizza. They even serve it at a Mother’s Day breakfast. Bong Appetit is considered one of the best cooking shows on Hulu ever!

5. MasterChef Junior


Nothing compares to the tenderness and purity of a group of kids competing in a cookery competition. “MasterChef Junior” is a children’s spin-off of the hit Fox series “MasterChef,” but instead of grown folks causing drama and messing up mac & cheese, we watch a kids cooking show above our own. And we’re rooting for them all the way of this Hulu cooking show.

6. Hell’s Kitchen


In this culinary boot camp series, Chef Gordon Ramsey whips wannabe chefs into shape with plenty of amusing antics, entertaining zingers, and a whole lot of Gordon Ramsey screaming at naive chefs. Two teams are set against one another and given the task of creating the identical meal for a panel of judges to grade. Ramsey is with them every step of the way, offering juicy feedback and truly practical advice.

7. Eater’s Guide To The World


Eater’s Guide to the world, one of the best cooking shows on Hulu, debuted in the midst of the global epidemic, making it an ideal choice for satisfying both wanderlust and gourmet desires. And… it’s rock-solid. The show travels to some of the world’s most well-known gastronomic hotspots. It looks fantastic (even if it doesn’t offer much in the way of fresh content). Maya Rudolph’s on-point and interesting narration is the show’s saving grace.

Even still, you’ll find yourself wishing you’d just seen Rudolph host the show and eat all of this cuisine herself.

8. MasterChef


MasterChef, hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, has proven to be one of the most entertaining Hulu cooking shows. We’d also argue that out of the slew of Ramsay-led TV shows, this is the most watchable (with MasterChef Junior coming in at a close second).

The show matches amateur chefs against one another in the same kitchen to discover who can perform best under duress. The show brings in a variety of well-known celebrity chefs to put the home cooks’ mettle to the test, as the fast-paced competition quickly weeds out inexperienced home chefs. Ramsay’s often acerbic personality is dialed back here, allowing him to reveal a far more compassionate side. It’s invigorating.

9. Chopped


The home chef’s response to Bravo’s Top Chef is Chopped. Aspiring home cooks meet to compete for cash in a high-stakes culinary tournament. There are hidden ingredients, sassy judges who are also helpful, and tearjerking backstories from the contestants. This is the kind of show where you’ll realize you’ve binge-watched the entire season without even realizing it.

10. Iron Chef America


Iron Chef America is one of the best food shows on Hulu that appears to be fierce, if not dizzying. Then you start viewing episodes, and before you know it, three hours have passed. Simply said, these are thrilling to watch as famous chefs compete for Iron Chef fame in an octagon-shaped kitchen. It’s fast-paced, intriguing, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

It’s never been easier to find the best cooking shows on Hulu. Hundreds of old and new episodes in every sub-genre are available on all of this streaming site, ranging from reality TV cooking competitions to stand-and-stir classics to the umpteenth variation of Bourdain’s “walk, taste, chat” concept. If you want to find more suggestions on best food shows of all time, check out our article on Thecookingmovie now!