The Best Food Shows Of All Times For Food Enthusiasts


This list of the best food shows of all time includes shows from the Food Channel, Bravo, and the Travel Channel. Chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, and others appear on this list of the best cooking series ever. Popular food TV series have been a staple of television for years, and the greatest entertaining cooking show of all time is frequently debated. Don’t let your favorfite cookery television programs from the past fall to the bottom of the list; vote them up so they have a chance to rise to the top. When available, the cast, creator, and premiere date of each cookery television show are included in the list below.

The best food shows of all time on Netflix

1. Chef’s Table


Have you seen This Is Spinal Tap or Brian Pern’s The Life of Rock? You’ll enjoy Chef’s Table because the humor of parody “rockumentary” lies in the subjects’ uncalibrated self-regard and the film-frantic maker’s cooperation. It’s impossible to believe that the first season of this best food show of all time wasn’t just an expensively done troll, from the bombastic Vivaldi over the titles to the pictures of Dan Barber running while philosophizing or Francis Mallmann hewing logs and raving about the creative potential of sex on his own island. But that was in 2015, when we expected our chefs to be the artists/gods/rockstars of their generation, and American documentary filmmakers still didn’t see the irony in it.

As this TV cooking show went on, more female chefs were profiled, and some of the programs that resulted were fantastic. Watching Jeong Kwan cook at the Chunjinam Hermitage in South Korea is therapeutic, Cristina Martinez at the South Philly Barbacoa and Mashama Bailey at The Grey in Savannah, Georgia are motivating, and our own Asma Khan is allowed space in the UK to fully develop on Indian cuisine. Someone, sometime, lowered the ego meter.

2. Taco Chronicles


The Taco Chronicles shows how versatile the titular meal can be. Every episode of this TV cooking show has interviews with food writers, historians, and, of course, taco vendors, as well as a look at the history and cooking styles of a particular type of taco. Because of the show’s tighter emphasis, it can get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes tacos so great and popular. You must be some kind of superhuman if you don’t crave tacos by the conclusion of the first episode.

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3. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat


Salt Fat Acid Heat, one of the best food shows of all time, is a masterclass in flavor that feels like a warm hug. It’s part culinary show, part travel show. Samin Nosrat, a chef and author, shows how understanding the show’s four main components would help you become a better cook. As the show progresses from Italy to Japan to Mexico to the United States, you’ll be treated to delectable views of some of the world’s best food. Nosrat’s enthusiasm for superb food is contagious. By the end of the series, you’ll be relishing everything you create with the same enthusiasm she would when eating aged cheese or a good soy sauce.

4. Ugly Delicious


David Chang, the famed Momofuku restaurant group’s culinary wunderkind, will present the event. Parts of the early programs focus on chest-beating, high-fiving, and alpha-malery, but he has recently shifted his focus to crucial cultural concerns surrounding worldwide cooking. He also learns he’ll be a father, tears a real tear, and then shows us all how to make baby food. OK, it’s a rather obvious conversion, but it’s a lot of fun if you watch them in reverse order.

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5. The Great British Baking Show


One of the most best cooking shows is The Great British Baking Show, which features difficult bakes, charming contestants, and a plethora of innuendos. The contestants, who are all talented amateur bakers, are what make The Great British Baking Show so unique. You’ll be itching to slip on an apron and start baking after you see the kinds of sophisticated concoctions they can whip up. Just remember to stay away from the dreaded wet bottoms.

The best food shows of all time on other streaming services

6. Iron Chef


Iron Chef was a thick, intriguing labyrinth of fast-talking pundits, synthetic smoke, dramatic narrative, and nearly baffling culinary expertise for American viewers. Even though we didn’t know what was going on half of the time or whether to trust the crazy-sounding history between them, we perceived the chef-challengers as warring titans. This is the show that all cooking shows on TV are measured against (probably by an old fortune teller, which is actually who they brought in half the time anyway).

7. Good Eats


Alton Brown does not have a culinary background. However, if you watch his show, you might get the impression that he has some expertise with… MAD SCIENCE?!?! Good Eats blended practical technology with a quest for the best meals possible, while not being set in a laboratory overlooking a community that misunderstands his ingenuity. Every episode featured at least a few quirky pop culture references, obscure historical facts, or bit-part actors posing as a butcher, baker, or… an ancient Greek philosopher. In a supermarket. Giving a grape-related lecture.

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8. Chopped


Chopped, hosted by Ted Allen, is similar to Top Chef in terms of format, however it moves a little faster. Each episode of this best food show of all time has four chefs competing in a three-round competition in which they must prepare and serve an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. A panel of three judges evaluates their entire performance to determine who will receive $10,000 at the end of the competition. Naturally, there are numerous twists and turns that put each chef’s ability to think imaginatively and fast to the test.

9. Hell’s Kitchen


Hell’s Kitchen is the epitome of a high-stress cooking show. Each season involves two teams of chefs competing for the position of head chef at a restaurant, hosted by Gordon Ramsey himself. Hell’s Kitchen is more about dealing with the challenges of running a successful restaurant than it is about cooking wonderful food, thanks to systematic elimination and incessant yelling.

10. Cutthroat Kitchen

tv-cooking-shows cooking-tv-shows

You’ll wonder how Cutthroat Kitchen came up with the bizarre and cruel sabotages it inflicts on its participants while watching the show. Then you’ll be perplexed as to how the show found contestants prepared to pay $10,000 for the sabotages. Then you’ll be perplexed as to why Alton Brown appears to be joyously malicious. Then you’ll settle in for another episode to watch.

If you enjoy cooking and game shows, these best food shows of all time are just what you’re looking for right now. If you want more food shows or cooking movies to watch, just visit our website Thecookingmovie. They’re all educational, entertaining, and chock-full of delectable foods. If you watch on an empty stomach, you might find yourself licking the screen.