Best Indian Cooking Shows That Will Leave You Spellbound


With their delectable meals and recipes, cooking shows make us salivate. Chefs assist us by demonstrating simple meals in their spick-and-span kitchens, which we then try out after the pain of taking down the recipes. But it’s entertaining because it introduces a fresh flavor to the kitchen, one that isn’t familiar. So check out some of the best Indian cooking shows on television to help you improve your culinary talents.

Best Indian cooking shows on Netflix

1. Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan


You’re undoubtedly curious about the differences between Rajasthani and Karnatakai spices, as well as how the great range of Indian cuisines exists or came to be. One such show that delves into the history of regional flavors and how they have changed through time is Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan. The show also includes a variety of recipes that incorporate local herbs, rare fowl, and intricate preparation techniques. Food writers and aficionados relate accounts of the Maharajas’ eating habits and how these details have influenced our modern eating habits. 

2. Itihaas Ki Thaali Se


India’s long history of cultural exchange has resulted in the development of a number of gastronomic staples worth investigating. Each episode of this Indian cooking show focuses on the foundations of diverse Indian meals. The program is aimed at attracting not only foodies, but also the general public. Its ability to provide the context of what you are most likely eating right now in an animated fashion will undoubtedly capture your attention. In four short episodes, the show comes to a close.

3. Twist Of Taste


Chef Vineet Bhatia and Vikas Khanna travel around India to sample diverse cuisines while learning about their history and contemporary inspirations. Over the course of five seasons, the show visits several cities in India.

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4. Street Food: Asia


While the show travels throughout Asia, the third episode is set in Delhi. During the cooking documentary, viewers will eat savory chaat and ghee-laden chole bhature while learning about the dish’s many family and political histories. You can also look for more recommendations on Asian chef movies on our website.

Best Indian cooking shows on other streaming services

5. MasterChef India


The Indian version of the successful Masterchef Australia series brings together Indian culinary masters such as Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Ranveer Brar to assist home cooks to realize their dreams. Home chefs’ lives are revolutionized as they experiment with cuisines, and ingredients, and take their passion for cooking to new heights in a hard-fought battle.

6. Masters of Taste


Gary Mehigan, a world-renowned chef and former Masterchef Australia judge, hosts an Indian cooking competition show called “Masters of Taste”, which features some of India’s best chefs and restaurants. He learns diverse styles, techniques, flavors, and recipes as a foreigner navigating Indian kitchens and procuring food, then recreates them with his own flair while staying faithful to the dishes’ heritage.

7. Mummy ka Magic


Amrita Raichand is known as the host of Mummy Ka Magic. The Indian Show, which stars celebrity moms, is a fun cooking show that has established a place in the Indian market because of its focus on easy yet delicious kid-friendly meals. Watch Chef Chinu work her magic with her beautiful plating, a colorful spread of food, and ingredients that are both healthy and fun for kids.

8. Cooking Queen


This is a fantastic show for newbies and housewives who have been keeping their talents hidden in their own kitchens. This Telugu cooking program in South India proved to be the finest way to show the world your talent. It was extremely popular because it had the highest TRP ratings and featured various celebrities that assisted the contestants with their tasks.

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9. Foodistan


Never imagined that the tensions between India and Pakistan would be expressed via cookery. This show is shown on NDTV Good Times, and it has eight contestants from each country competing for the title of best cook. The contestants’ talents and plating technique were judged by Veer Sanghvi, Sonia Jehan, and Merrilees Parker. The flavor of the food as well as the essence of the ingredients.

10. Bake Do Teen


Chef Gautam Mehrishi hosted the show, which encouraged viewers to demonstrate their skills while learning new ones. This event is a fantastic opportunity for cooks who are eager to learn new recipes. Khana Khazana on ZEE TV is the channel where the cooking program may be found.

11. Raana Ghar


A Bengali cooking show was broadcast by Zee Bangla. Ordinary folks and celebrities alike were given the opportunity to enhance their cooking talents on the show. Sudipa Mukherjee, a female master chef, hosted the show, which also included Tanusree Chakraborty, Srabanti, and others.

12. Secret Recipe


Sanjeev Kapoor’s delectable cuisine creations had our mothers hooked to the television. His TV show, Khana Khazana, lasted 17 years and is the longest of its kind. He now co-owns the Food Food channel and hosts the show Secret Recipe on it.

We hope that the best Indian cooking shows presented above will give you a glimpse of the diversification of our cuisine. A little inspiration is essential, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a hopeful newcomer to the culinary industry. And there’s no shortage of ideas to keep you from making mistakes in the kitchen. Thankfully, culinary shows are there to help us figure out which ingredients go best with the food we’re attempting to prepare. These shows will not only entertain you, but they will also give your kitchen a new flavor.