7 Best Kids Cooking Shows That All Ages Cannot Miss


Best kids cooking shows are currently all over streaming sites and television programming, which we enjoy because trying new recipes is our new favorite activity. Cooking shows can be a terrific way to introduce your kids to new things if they want to join you in the kitchen or learn more about different types of cuisine. We’ve compiled a list of nine of the best culinary programs for you, especially for kids, and who knows, it might just inspire your next family dinner. To view all of the shows and where you can see them, click through!

Best Kids Cooking Shows on Hulu to stream

1. Kids Baking Championship 


This cooking show features a group of creative kids who compete in kitchen tasks that put their creativity and substantial abilities to the test over the course of four seasons. The core of Kids Baking Championship is baking, as the name suggests, but the main lure is the uplifting content and great role models it provides. The judges are supportive and compassionate, and the young contestants stand out for their superb manners and cheerful attitude—in fact, they’re all so nice that it’s difficult to see them go. The end effect is an entertaining show that allows even the youngest viewers to see peers handle pressure with grace and pursue their objectives with zeal.

2. Chopped Junior


In this spin-off of the renowned cooking competition Chopped, kids compete for cash while attempting to prepare a restaurant-worthy dish using mystery ingredients. Although the contestants are too young to drive, kids can surely cook, making it just as entertaining to watch as the adult version. Chopped Junior has nine seasons of squeaky-clean entertainment, with plenty of nice interactions between the participants and the judges. This is family-friendly content that will inspire any young foodie. It’s entertaining to watch and refreshingly free of snark.

3. I Draw, You Cook 


I Draw, You Cook is one of the best cooking shows for kids in which professional chef Alexis competes against guest chefs to bring to life fantasy culinary concoctions drawn and described by small children. It is charming, amusing, and irresistibly cute for viewers of all ages. Needless to say, the kids on the show come up with some pretty crazy dish ideas, and the finale is always hilarious, because the kids also serve as harsh judges of the professionally cooked cuisine they’re served. The comedy is age-appropriate, the substance is lighthearted, and Alexis, the chef-host, is entertaining to watch in the kitchen as well as in her interactions with the kids in charge.

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Best kids cooking shows on other streaming platforms

4. MasterChef Junior


Gordon Ramsay isn’t known for his family-friendly programming. In fact, Ramsay is almost as well-known for having a sailor’s mouth as he is for being an award-winning chef. Given that he has five children, it’s not unexpected that he has a softer, more paternal side, which is (happily) on display in MasterChef Junior, a kid cooking show for tweens. Young contenders (ages 8 to 13) demonstrate their impressive culinary skills in the aim of being the last one standing. There is no offensive content in this episode, and the judges, including Ramsay, are generous with praise and compassionate with criticism. (Rather than a brutal dream-crusher, think mentor.) However, because there is a lot of action and some tears are shed, this may not be the ideal choice for the very young or the most sensitive viewers.

5. My World Kitchen


My World Kitchen is a cooking show for kids in which young children demonstrate how to cook dishes that honor their ethnic background. Each live-action episode is narrated by English chef Ainsley Harriot, and involves children discussing their racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as their rituals and traditions. They are sometimes accompanied by friends and family members during these chats. Then each child delivers a favorite recipe that represents their culture and demonstrates how to make it to the audience. When the food is ready, they like sharing it with others.

6. Be Our Chef!


“Be Our Chef,” hosted by Angela Kinsey, is a cooking competition show that pits five food-loving families against each other to make delectable dishes inspired by Disney’s magic. Two of our families will compete in a themed cooking challenge at Walt Disney World in each episode. The two winning families go to the main finale, where they compete for a magnificent grand prize!

7. Kids BBQ Championship 


The Kids BBQ Championship is a Food Network kids cooking show that aired in the United States. The show’s inaugural season debuted on May 23, 2016, and it was hosted by chef Eddie Jackson and model Camila Alves, who also acted as judges. The season started with eight young cooks in the premiere episode and ended with three finalists in the season finale, with the winner earning a cash prize of $20,000. The second season of the show premiered on May 1, 2017, with chef Damaris Phillips replacing Alves. The format of the show has also changed, with four new young chefs competing in each episode, with a $10,000 prize for the winner. The two judges were joined by a rotating roster of special guest chefs who served as the third judge in each show.

All the kids cooking shows listed above are not only entertaining but also help the kids to learn yummy recipes easily. If you need more suggestions on food movies for kids, you can visit Thecookingmovie.com and read our articles about best cooking anime and food cartoon movies. On our website, you can get access to a variety of content related to food movies and cooking shows.