Best Channels Of Chinese Cooking On YouTube That Soothe Your Soul

Chinese cooking youtube Liziqi

Are you a cooking movie lover in general and a Chinese cuisine fan in particular? You can’t understand Chinese culture without understanding its cuisine. So, if you want to learn about Chinese cuisine and culture around this time, turn to these channels of Chinese cooking on YouTube. You’ll be well-fed and entertained with our recipes for all kinds of Chinese foods, from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Taiwan to Sichuan, and many more!

Enjoy the art of culinary with top channels of Chinese cooking on YouTube

YouTube is one of live streaming platform that permits you to pubish your videos as well as creat your channels. Cooking channels, which feature individuals preparing beautiful, delicious meals. This is also a kind of YouTube entertainment getting more and more common in every nations.

With quiet instrumental music, diegetic sound, and minimal dialogue, these wonderfully Chinese cooking videos depict the rhythmic serenity of homestyle cooking. The peaceful, comfortable videos emphasize not only the food but also the story behind it, with exquisite cinematography showcasing often rural settings alongside simple meal preparation.

Here are 10 Chinese cooking channels on YouTube that will help you relax and learn new recipes.

Top 10 channels of Chinese cooking on YouTube

1. Taste, The Chinese Recipes Show

Chinese food youtube Taste, The Chinese Recipes Show

Discover why this channel has over 1.5 million members and features Chinese recipes cooked by award-winning chefs. From their Street Food Recipes You Can Make at Home Playlist to mastering elements of Chinese cookery such as making your own Easy Chinese Noodles, these videos are Food Network-worthy.

2. Chinese Cooking Demystified

Chinese Cooking Demystified youtube Chinese cooking

For something a bit less frightening, here’s a beginner’s guide to Chinese cooking fundamentals, as well as curated video playlists that break down dishes by area, from Sichuan to Cantonese (or Dim Sum) to Beijing/Northeastern cuisine. Steph and Chris are a Shenzhen-based couple that releases new videos every Tuesday!

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3. Spice N’ Pans

Chinese cooking on youtube Spice N'Pans

Spice N’ Pans is a Singaporean duo specializing in Chinese cuisine with a Singaporean twist. The videos are short (typically >5 minutes), easy to follow, and the recipes look delicious and doable! If you run out of ideas, they have a terrific Work-From-Home cooking playlist with approximately 100 videos! Their Super Easy Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs are a must-try.

4. Chinese Food Hub

Chinese Food Hub Chinese cooking youtube

Chinese Food Hub is based in Hong Kong and focuses on home cooking, traditional snacks, and Chinese cuisine. This channel, which is less than a year old, attempts to use as few ingredients as possible and to make cooking at home as simple as feasible. I found this channel when searching for Hong Kong Style Peanut Butter French Toast, and these Chinese cooking videos also have other fun Chinese delicacies like Minion Steam Mantou (bun) and Colorful Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls. 

5. Souped Up Recipes

Chinese cooking video Souped up recipes

Check out the Better Than Takeout or Healthy Chinese Food playlists. Other videos on preparing dumplings and basic ingredient recipes from scratch may be found here. Tune in every Wednesday to discover what fresh recipes are shared, with over 30 million views.

6. Ice or Rice

Chinese food youtube Ice or Rice

Ice or Rice is unique in that it features recipes from all throughout Asia, with a concentration on comfort and street food. There are classics like Hong Kong Style Iced Milk Tea, but there are also interesting non-traditional recipes like a Matcha Green Tea Crepe with Red Bean Whipped Cream, created by a husband and wife team. If you prefer to follow recipes in a different format, you can find an archive of their recipes on their website. You can also find more Asian chef movies on our website as well.

7. Garden Time Homemade Cuisine

Garden Time Homemade Cuisine youtube Chinese cooking

This home-cooked meal The Chinese food channel is well-known for its traditional recipes. With precise directions and recipes, a wonderful combination of Chinese and authentic foods is offered. On November 13, 2011, this incredible food channel debuted with some simple and healthy recipes and ingredients.

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8. The Food Ranger

The Food Ranger Chinese cooking on youtube

On March 13, 2013, the Food Ranger YouTube Channel was launched. Trevor James is the channel handler’s name. This fantastic Chinese food channel incorporates street and local area foods with its recipe twists.

He frequently travels from one location to another, exploring the entire city as well as its fantastic food recipes. His favorite countries to visit include China, Chengdu, and Malaysia. Some of his most popular uploads are Street Food in Malaysia, Giant Alien Lobster, and Biggest and Cheapest Street Noodles. 

BasicaHisel contains a plethora of street delicacies as well as delicious dishes that you can easily prepare at home. A gigantic rainbow lobster is the subject of one of his most popular YouTube videos. You’ll learn how to kill a lobster and prepare a delectable lobster feast.

9. Liziqi

Chinese cooking youtube Liziqi

This channel is dedicated to both food and the idealized and poetic Chinese countryside lifestyle. Li Ziqi and her colleagues know a lot about cuisine, nature, and traditional Chinese handicrafts. Observing her prepare meals from scratch is quite relaxing. For example, Mapo Tofu begins by demonstrating how to make tofu from raw soybeans!

Her channel features mainland Chinese cuisine and recipes with unique flavors and twists. On August 22, 2017, she launched her food YouTube channel. She also set the Guinness World Record for the most YouTube subscribers.

10. Mama Cheung

Mama Cheung Chinese food youtube

Every Thursday, Mama Cheung shares a few secrets and delicious dishes with you. On September 14, 2014, she launched her food channel. Her YouTube channel contains some basic ingredients, spices, and excellent handmade meals.

She usually follows her mother’s recipe and employs the best cooking technique. With her technique, everyone wants to cook like her and spend their days eating happily.

Looking for some culinary experts to spice up your feed? Make it motivational by watching these Chinese cooking on YouTube. And don’t forget to visit Thecookingmovie for more suggestions on cooking shows and movies to watch.