Food Truck Movies On Netflix To See The Food On The Wheels

Food on Four Wheels

Food trucks are becoming an iconic kind of street food in America. It is a culinary culture and a unique way to enjoy delicious food with diverse stories behind the wheel. Some choose food trucks to enjoy the culinary specialties and listen to the chefs’ stories. Food trucks are all over the place, and Hollywood is no exception. Food truck movies on Netflix are gaining the attention of people. 

Food truck movies on Netflix 

Netflix is the largest streaming platform and a production company. It’s famous for many original movies. On a Friday night, Netflix is the destination for many homebodies. You can play various genres, from romance and comedy to horror and documentaries. Spending a night with Netflix is a great way to recharge your energy after a long week. 

Netflix provides a large variety of films, from action to animation. However, food movies are always on top with their mouth-watering scenes and stunning food shots. Moving from that, Netflix has featured Netflix food truck movies for the fans to travel with them on the wheel. 

1. Chef (2014) 

Chef (2014) food truck movie netflix

This cooking movie has a popular cast, including Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Robert Downey Jr., and Dustin Hoffman. 

Carle Casper is the head chef of a famous California restaurant in Brentwood. One day, he receives some lousy criticism from a blogger, Ramsey Michel. After the incident, Carle quits his job and moves to Miami, where he accepts an invitation from his ex-wife, Inez. He starts running a food truck with his family. 

 During the trip, he finds his passion and creativity in food and, most importantly, his connection with his son and family. 

The food truck is not an answer to Carl’s career as a chef. It’s his answer to family connections and the story of himself behind the famous dishes. 

No artist wants to stop at one point. They want to move forward, like Carl Casper. But he can only become better by challenging himself. This Netflix food truck movie is a must-see for food lovers and chefs. 

2. The chef show (2019) 

The chef show food truck movies on netflix

If you’re impressed with Jon Favreau’s cooking skills in the movie Chef, The Chef Show on Netflix food movies presents you with the collaboration of Jon Favreau and Roy Choi. It is inspired by Favreau’s training of the food under the tutelage of Choi in preparation for the movie. In the food truck concept, the writer, director, and food enthusiasts, Jon and Choi, explore the food in and out of the kitchen with their celebrity friends. 

It has been one of the favorite food truck movies on Netflix for not only the fans of the movie, but also for viewers who like food truck themes.

Food truck documentary on YouTube to inspire the diverse cuisine

Food truck documentaries on YouTube take a different perspective on food truck movies. Giving an insight experience of food trucks, the food truck documentary is 

3. Food Truck Heroes

Food Truck Heroes

This YouTube web series is hosted by Carlos ‘Empanada Guy’ Serrano. The series focuses on real-life chefs and the daily cooking activities inside food trucks worldwide. The first episode, Meet Empanada Guy, is on-air on YouTube. 

4. Food on Four Wheels

Food on Four Wheels

Food on Four Wheels is a final project of Durham, North Carolina high school students, looking into the developing moment of food truck culture in Durham. 

The short documentary was filmed to attend the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and as a project to allow the participants to understand the art of filmmaking. Although the film was made by students, the storyline is captivating and exquisite. The duration is 14 minutes and can be watched while commuting or in line ordering food. 

Don’t like some food truck movies on Netflix, these food truck documentaries on YouTube also make you enjoyable with programs related to food.

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Movies with a food truck component to watch on Prime Amazon

Although there is no specific food truck movie on Prime Amazon like there are Netflix food truck movies, there are a lot of films featuring the food truck elements. Check out the list below, inspired by the food truck theme. 

5. The Five-Year Engagement (2012) 

The Five-Year Engagement food truck movie

The Five-Year Engagement is about Tom and Violet. After years of a relationship, Tom (Jason Segel) decides to propose to Violet (played by Emily Blunt). Violet is an experimental psychologist who wants to be a postdoc. While Tom is a sous chef in a kitchen. When she gets an offer in Ann Arbor, Tom agrees to move with her and rejects a new job as a chef. The challenges come to their relationship when Tom is unemployed and frustrated with his situation, while Violet is on her track. Although the movie does not focus on the food truck, the main character, Tom, decides to open a food truck by using an old ambulance. 

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6. The Sauce of love (2020)

The Sauce of love food truck movies

Another romance movie contains food and food trucks. The story begins when Zoey rents a food truck for a long Easter weekend and enters a television competition. Soon, the love between her and the handsome founder of a fast-food chain rises quickly. However, she realizes that the man’s love is not for her but for her sauce formula. She wants to win the contest but also wonders about his love for her. What would Zoey do? 

7. City of Gold (2015)

City of Gold food truck movies

The City of Gold is the story of a food writer, Jonathan Gold. He is passionate about Los Angeles and its food culture, especially the food carts and hole-in-the-strip-mall ethnic enclaves that create a colorful culinary mosaic. Following Mr. Gold’s personality and passionate argument about the civic culture of Los Angeles and its food, viewers can see the city in an extraordinary way. The film reveals an appreciation for the food and the dynamic culture of Los Angeles, from the simple taco truck to the luxury restaurant. The City of Gold is a satisfied portrait of a man who loves ethnic food and brings the feast of the table to the audience. 

The food truck is a culinary culture that gives a different view of the cuisine. If you love food truck cuisine or the lifestyle of a food truck, food truck movies on Netflix are a great example of lying down on the sofa while entertaining food truck movies. Watch more programs about food and cooking on Thecookingmovie.