Italian Cooking Shows To Explore Colorful Italian Cuisine

Somebody Feed Phil Italian cooking show

Italian food culture is diverse and widespread. Worldwide, famous foods such as pizza, spaghetti, etc., are the most commonly used recipes. However, Italian food is much more than that. The long history of culinary culture makes Italian cuisine stand out with its solid colors and rich flavors. Watching Italian cooking shows can inspire you to make various dishes tonight for your dinner.

Italian Cooking shows on Netflix

Netflix is gaining a reputation for fantastic cooking shows from all over the world. The cooking show series on Netflix is the best idea for binge-watching to spot the variety of food from different countries. Italian cooking shows are on air on Netflix to inspire Italian food lovers.

1. Chef’s Table

Chef's Table Italian cooking shows

Netflix presents the Chef’s Table as a cooking series to allow us to get inside the inspirations and minds behind the leading chefs in the world. The show is formed from interviews, photos, and classical music, creating a culinary journey for the audience, a world of valuable cuisine and innovation. In each episode, viewers visit famous cooking chefs with different culinary mindsets, from the idea of home-grown ingredients in Barber to the earth-cooking methods of Francis Mallmann, getting deep into the life and motivation of cooking.

This Italian cooking show features several Italian chefs to get into the beauty of Italian cuisine. Following Massimo Bottura in Modena (Season 1, Ep 1) or Dario Cecchini, a veterinarian who becomes an internationally known Italian chef for his butchery in Chianti, a region of Italy (Season 6, Ep 2). Don’t forget to see the pastry chef, Corrado Assenza, inviting his native Sicily and tempting food lovers with his exquisite desserts in Season 4, Ep 2.

Chef’s Table features many culinary cultures, but it is one of the best Italian cooking shows to understand the Italian culinary culture in the view of famous chefs, their talents, and the passion for dishes they created, inspiring the Italian cuisine.

2. Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feed Phil Italian cooking show

Philip Rosenthal, a producer of the show Everybody’s Love Raymond. This time, he travels to explore culinary gems around the world. In his Venice episode, he takes audiences to discover the traditional Cicchetti. Cicchetti is a small Venetian dish, similar to Spanish tapas. Phill takes you to see the party of Cicchetti, such as slices of bread served with toppings, fried seafood served in paper cones, and the famous fried poke chop. Then, he continues his Italian food adventure in Modena to try the gnocco fritto, a doughnut lookalike made with pig fat, and goes into the kitchen of Bottura’s Osteria Francescana.

His show is a short documentary about traditional Italian cuisine and takes audiences into the popular culinary culture from a different angle.

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Best Italian cooking shows on Food Network

3. Giada in Italy

Giada in Italy Italian cooking shows on tv

Giada De Laurentiis is a famous host for her television show, Giada at Home. The show was nominated for several awards. If you want to find a best streaming cooking show, Giada in Italy is a suitable choice for you. 

Meanwhile, Giada in Italy is a show where she returns to her birthplace to explore Italian cuisine, visit her family and friends, and most importantly, introduce her inspiration for her culinary skills and the flavor of her food. On this trip, Giada takes the viewers along with her on the journey of finding authentic Italian flavors from her grandmother’s ancient recipe book with Aunt Raffy to looking into her grandfather’s former pasta factory.

This time, the show is not only about food. It’s about the family bond when she enjoys making a feast for her uncle’s soccer team in California’s culinary style. However, if you are a pasta lover, Giada also presents her homemade noodles in the old-fashioned method that you can do at home.

4. Jamie Cooks Italy

Jamie Cooks Italy Italian cooks tv shows

Jamie Cooks Italy is an exciting food travel series with Jamie Oliver. This time, the famous British chef will discover the meaning of Italian home cooking cuisine to bring audiences incredible Italian dishes. Italian food is not only about the Michelin chefs or the fancy restaurants with high-quality ingredients. Italian cuisine is about home cooking style. Flowing to the steps of Jamie and his best friend Gennaro Contaldo, we will meet the superstars of the Italian home kitchen, the mammas and nonnas.

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Italian cooking shows on other streaming platforms and TV

5. Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca

Italian tv cooking shows Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca

The Italian home kitchen is famous for its mammas and nonnas. They are the family’s mother, who spends time cooking and supporting the family. The Italian culinary skills of mammas and nonnas create a remarkable flavor for kitchen cuisine. Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca is an Italian cooking show where she recreates and guides you through authentic Italian home cooking.

6. Dinner Club

Dinner Club best Italian cooking shows

Dinner Club is a cooking travelogue released on Amazon Prime. The Dinner Club is formed by six popular Italian cinema and TV personalities: Fabio De Luigi, Luciana Littizzetto, Diego Abatantuono, Valerio Mastandrea, Sabrina Ferilli, Pierfrancesco Favino, and Carlo Cracco. Carocco is one of six celebrities to explore Italian culinary specialties. First, he takes them to visit six regions of Italy; then the actors will reproduce the dishes.

The show’s format is simple: six actors explore the various traditional foods of Italian cuisine in spectacular settings. Because of that, the show combines vacation and food, allowing the viewers to enjoy Italy’s nature. In each episode, the actors go to restaurants, meet the chefs, and learn to cook home-cooked meals.

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7. Top Chef

Top Chef Italian cooking shows

Top Chef is an American competition show. The participants compete against each other in culinary challenges. Each season, there is a host country where the participants live in apartments or houses during the show. The show visits Italy in the season finale, marking the first time the show has traveled to Europe.

Italian cuisine is fascinating and exciting. The dynamic of culinary skills is one reason Italian food is becoming popular nowadays. Italian cooking shows are the gateway to learning and visiting Italy, in the view of food lovers. If you love Italian recipes, don’t forget to watch the Italian cooking shows on TV to grab many home-cooked recipes from mammas and nonnas to serve your family dinner. There are more cooking shows from different countries that you can make at home. Visit Thecookingmovie to try your next meal.