10 Korean Cooking Dramas That Will Make Your Mouth Water


Korean cooking drama is very popular with movie lovers and food lovers alike. There’s no denying that, Korean food is one of the most enticing images in dramas. As a result, various television networks have started to feature the food genre in their programs.

Korean cuisines are now popular all over the world, thanks to cooking K-dramas that do an excellent job of presenting the heavenly enchantment and taste of traditional cuisine. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top South Korean movies about cooking theme that you should definitely watch.

The popularity of cooking Korean dramas

Food is a big part of Korean culture, and it’s also a big part of television. While most viewers are enthralled by the main characters or the gripping tale, some are enthralled by the magic that occurs in the kitchen. K-dramas about cooking never fails to make our lips water with both Korean and international cuisine. If you enjoy torturing your taste buds while watching a good comedy, drama, or sageuk, the list of food movies below has just the thing for you!

Top 10 Korean cooking dramas you must watch

1. Let’s Eat


The Let’s Eat series, a Korean drama about cooking that spans three seasons, covers the daily life and adventures of Goo Dae Young, an insurance agent/food blogger who enjoys not only eating but also showing off his culinary prowess to others.

Each season has a different plot and cast members, but you can expect a TON of mouth-watering foodporn pictures and mukbang sequences as Dae Young presents delectable meals to those around him.

2. Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace


This cook drama movie is set during the Joseon period and is based on the true story of Jang Geum, a renowned girl who rose from poverty to become the first female royal physician. The monarch even gave her the title of ‘Dae Jang Geum’ (The Great Jang Geum).

Her journey begins when she joins the royal kitchen as a young apprentice cook, where she learns the mysteries of food before moving on to study Korean medicine. This movie will provide you with a fascinating, in-depth look at Korean royal cuisine, including a royal cooking competition at one point.

The movie “Dae Jang Geum” has spread to the world and become one of the Asian chef movies most worth watching.

3. Late Night Restaurant


A little late-night restaurant, open from midnight to 7 a.m., is owned by a mysterious owner and chef simply known as ‘Master.’ The restaurant doesn’t have a set menu, but Master takes orders from his patrons and prepares whatever they want. People from various walks of life congregate at the eatery to share personal experiences while eating comfort cuisine.

Each episode of this Korean cooking drama focuses on a different client, their food, and the story behind why that dish is so important to them. It’s a heartwarming drama that will make you smile and comfort your spirit.

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4. Sweet Munchies


Park Jin Sung is a chef who owns and operates a late-night snack restaurant where clients only get to choose which drinks they want, with Jin Sung customizing dishes to go with them. His biggest satisfaction in life comes from watching clients enjoy their meals.

When Jin Sung learns that Kim Ah Jin, one of his regular customers, is looking for a homosexual chef to host a cooking show she’s making, he lies about his sexual orientation to save his restaurant. Both Ah Jin and Jin Sung find themselves in an unusual love triangle with fashion designer Kang Tae Wan, who appears to be concealing something.

Your tummy will growl as you watch this Korea chef movie – Jin Sung make and serve scrumptious delicacies at his restaurant.

5. Eccentric! Chef Moon


After a devastating accident, Moon Seung Mo, a once-famous elite chef who popularized Korean food around the world through pop-up restaurants, has abandoned his culinary career and hidden away in a rural community.

When he meets Yoo Yoo Jin, a world-renowned fashion designer who has lost her memory, his quiet life is flipped upside down. He rediscovers his enthusiasm for cooking and life thanks to the quirky woman’s seemingly insatiable appetite for food.

Prepare to drool as you watch Chef Moon prepare delectable delicacies and demonstrate his exceptional knife abilities. A wonderful cooking K-drama for culinary lovers!

6. How Are You Bread


Rumors abound about genius patissier Han Do Woo’s hidden bakery, claiming that if you eat his miraculous and delectable pastries, your desire will be granted! As Do Woo’s bakery becomes a local sensation, he attracts the notice of TV writer Noh Mi Rae, who is desperate to put him on a popular baking competition show.

If you like your dramas sweet, this is the most suitable K-drama cooking for you. Watching beautiful and delectable sweets being made would make you wish you could reach through the screen and taste them for yourself.

7. Chocolate


This Korean cooking drama series on Netflix is about Lee Kang, who formerly aspired to be a cook, is now a neurosurgeon. Meanwhile, world-renowned chef Moon Cha Young was inspired to pursue a career in the culinary arts after a childhood encounter with Lee Kang, during which he cooked and served her dinner. The two reunite at a hospice ward, where they prepare meals for the patients to help heal their own emotional scars.

Despite the drama’s title, you can’t expect to see only chocolate and desserts, though there will be plenty of those to tempt you. There are also plenty of delicious savory foods to choose from, so you may have the best of both worlds.

8. Dinner Mate


A producer from a digital content firm and a psychiatrist have dinner together after a chance meeting. Later, the two discover that they keep meeting each other by chance and decide to become “dinner companions.” The two merely meet up for dinner and conversation without disclosing any personal information, including their identities.

Food and sharing meals is still a significant component in this K-drama about cooking, even if it isn’t especially foodporn-y. Furthermore, the two central characters are tremendous foodies!

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9. Wok of Love


The story of Wok of Love is about star chef Seo Poong and bankrupt heiress Dan Sae Woo both end up working at Hungry Wok, a small and dirty Chinese restaurant managed by former Big Dipper Gang thugs, after their once-perfect lives are flipped upside down overnight.

When you watch this Korean chef drama, your hunger for Chinese food will hit you like a ton of bricks. Jjajangmyeon, xiao long bao, wonton noodle soup, lo mai gai, har gau, nai wong bao, and more are among the delectable foods featured.

10. Pasta


Seo Yoo Kyung spent three years at La Sfera restaurant, working her way up from kitchen assistant to assistant chef, pursuing her dream of becoming an Italian chef. However, the restaurant hires a new head chef, Choi Hyun Wook, on the day of her promotion, who dismisses all of the female chefs after only one day. Yoo Kyung sets out to prove to Hyun Wook that she has what it takes to regain her career.

While watching this Korean cooking movie, you might want to have some pasta on hand because, as the title suggests, there will be a lot of it. The Vongole pasta is very famous in this tale, but there are plenty of other Italian meals to swoon over as well.

We hope that these Korea cooking dramas will whet your appetite! If you enjoy reading more about food, check out other articles on The cooking movie to find all you need to know about food programs for culinary fans.