The Most Renowned Marco Pierre White TV Shows To Stream Now

Hell's Kitchen Australia Marco Pierre white tv shows

Have you ever watched Marco Pierre White TV shows before? If not, you may have missed some of the best cooking shows ever. This article will present the most popular culinary shows of Marco Pierre White and some interesting facts about him as well.

1. About Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White was born in Leeds on December 11th, 1961. White was born in Leeds, England, to English chef Frank White and Maria Rosa Gallina. He was the third of the couple’s four sons to be born. White, who was a student at Allerton High School, dropped out without receiving a diploma in order to pursue a career as a chef. 

Marco Pierre White left for London at the age of 16 with only a backpack full of books and clothes and very little money. He worked as a commis at Le Gavroche in London under Albert and Michel Roux. White began working in the kitchen at the Six Bells public house in Kings Road with assistant Mario Batali after receiving training from some of the top chefs in the world.

White received his second Michelin star in 1988, just a year after receiving his first, and his third star not long after. At the age of 33, White became the youngest chef in the world to receive three Michelin stars, as well as the first British chef to do so.

The MPW Steak & Alehouse was founded by White and James Robertson in 2008. They took over the Kings Road Steakhouse & Grill in Chelsea in 2010, as well as the Square Mile Steakhouse & Grill in London.

White’s week-long appearances on ‘MasterChef Australia’ began in 2014 and extended into 2015 and 2016, and this is considered one of the best Marco Pierre White TV shows for food lovers . He made his week-long appearance twice in 2015. Marco Pierre White’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million in 2022.

2. 5 renowned Marco Pierre White TV shows to watch

Here are 5 Marco Pierre White TV shows to watch, old but maybe new cooking shows for you:

Battlechefs (2016)

Battlechefs Marco Pierre white tv shows

Celebrities such as Blur’s Alex James, actor Keith Duffy, and comedian Jenny Eclair take turns commanding the culinary club kitchen on Britannia before being judged by chef Marco Pierre White, the renowned restaurateur.

The first journey visits ports in Vigo, Lisbon, Cadiz, Valencia, and Cartagena, while the second voyage visits Barcelona, Rome, Cannes, Ajaccio, and Alicante. Each cruise features a stand-alone competition in which five celebrities take on the position of head chef and put their culinary skills to the test.

In this cooking show of Marco Pierre White, the trainee chefs go from port to port, learning about the history of each location and how to prepare regional specialties. They are divided into teams to create a lunch to wow Marco, the captain, and his VIP visitors, using their newly acquired talents.

MasterChef Australia: The Professionals 2013

Marco Pierre white chef MasterChef Australia: The Professionals 2013

MasterChef Australia: The Professionals is a cookery show based on the original BBC MasterChef: The Professionals, with Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White as judges. From January 20 to March 17, 2013, this Marco Pierre White TV show broadcast on Network Ten. Rhys Badcock took first place in the competition.

18 qualified chefs will compete in Australia’s hardest cooking environment in MasterChef: The Professionals. They’ll bake, blanch, and broil their way to a delectable trophy – an around-the-world tour working at globally recognized restaurants and a cash reward – in a magnificent, purpose-built commercial kitchen in Melbourne. A new structure promises a more intense viewing experience while still allowing you to see some of your favorite guest chefs and challenges.

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Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars (2012)

Marco Pierre white tv shows Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars

This is a Marco Pierre White cooking show that airs on Channel 5. Marco travels the country in search of the top restaurateurs in the country.

Marco Pierre White employs his keen culinary vision to identify the top restaurant partnerships in the United Kingdom, mixing delicious food with impeccable service. They’re vying for a spot in a specially created studio restaurant, where the top three couples will be given their own kitchen as well as a group of diners to wow. It’s not enough to be a terrific chef; you also need to know how to run the best restaurant. If you love this show, you may also want to watch one of the best Gordon Ramsay shows – Kitchen Nightmares.

The Chopping Block (2009)

The Chopping Block Marco Pierre white cooking show

The Chopping Block is an American reality television series based on the same-named Australian reality television show. The NBC network aired the show, which followed contestants as they attempted to build a restaurant. Marco Pierre White, a British celebrity chef, is the host.

Eight competitor pairs, each consisting of a chef and a front-of-house employee with a previous connection, are split into two teams of four pairs. Each team is given an empty restaurant space in central Manhattan, across the street from each other. Every week, the teams are given a task and are required to launch their restaurants for business. Chef Marco Pierre White eliminates the weakest couple from the team that was determined to have lost that service. Each week, the teams compete in a task (sometimes related to the kitchen, sometimes to front-of-house), with the winner gaining an edge at the following service.

Hell’s Kitchen Australia (2017)

Hell's Kitchen Australia Marco Pierre white tv shows

On August 6, 2017, the Seven Network aired Hell’s Kitchen Australia, an Australian cooking reality competition television series. Marco Pierre White, a British chef who previously hosted two seasons of the British version of the show and starred in MasterChef Australia, presented the series. In this TV show of Marco Pierre White, aspiring cooks compete against each other in a series of cooking tasks and dinner service at a Sydney restaurant.

In Hell’s Kitchen, presenter Marco Pierre White, the youngest chef to ever obtain three Michelin stars and responsible for training some of the world’s best chefs, has the final say on each contestant’s destiny.

These famous contestants will face skill and location obstacles, culminating in the enormous pressure of executing a full dinner service for over 70 diners at the elite Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. It’ll be a wild and scorching adventure as they take on the toughest challenge in the world’s hottest and toughest kitchen.

Now that you have read through our list of the best Marco Pierre White TV shows, which of them will you stream first? We hope that these shows will help you entertain as well as learn to cook new cooking recipes efficiently. If you need more recommendations on other famous chefs’ TV shows, just visit Thecookingmovie.