Top 10 Netflix Food Movies For Traveling Around The World

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Food movies are always a comforting plate of food for the soul. Listening to the sizzle of the pan and seeing the colorful dishes is a satisfying experience. Significantly, the visual allows us to enjoy the food without tasting it. Moreover, cooking movies are a unique approach that teaches the cultures and histories of a country. We can travel from our room. Luckily, Netflix food movies are suitable for watching after a long day.

Thousands of cooking movies on Netflix will satisfy your choices, from comedy and romantic movies to documentaries. The movies are produced by various countries worldwide to show the viewers the stories of each country behind the kitchen. From Asia to the West, we can find a destination to travel to thanks to the best food movies on Netflix.

Top 10 Netflix Food Movies

1. André and his olive tree (2017)

André and his olive tree cooking movies on netflix

The movie follows the steps of closing a 2-star Michelin restaurant, one of Singapore and Asia’s most famous fine dining restaurants, by the chef André on Valentine’s Day of 2018. The films interviewed the chef and his wife, Pam, the restaurant’s general manager, staff members, and commentators. This brings new points and stories about each person to the restaurant.

The Netflix food movie was directed by Singapore director Josiah Ng, who introduces more than a popular fine dining restaurant. It focuses on the restaurant’s soul, Chef André, his wife, and the team who contribute their passion to their dream job, such as Pam Chiang, the chef’s wife. She had learned everything from scratch in order to build the restaurant with her husband. Many individual stories have made a great movie about cooking and the life of passion.

2. Maacher Jhol (2017)

Maacher Jhol netflix food movies

Maacher Jhol is an Indian Bengali film produced by Sony Pictures Networks India. The film captures the bond between the mother and son and connects it with food. The story begins when a Bengali chef, who works in Paris, comes back to his hometown, Kolkata, to see his ill mother. After 13 years of quitting his private-sector job and becoming a chef to follow his passion for food, he returns to his home and faces his father, who still denies his son is a cook instead of an engineer, and his past.

The movie is beyond the food. It is also about familial ties and the difference between the old generation and the younger generation’s ambitions. The film is an example of the complex modern relationships and ambitions confronted with former thoughts and traditions.

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3. Always be my maybe (2019)

Always be my maybe best food movies on netflix

Always be my maybe is an American romantic comedy film. Marcus (played by Randall Park) and Sasha (played by Ali Wong) are childhood friends who haven’t been in touch for a long time. When Sasha returns to San Francisco to open a restaurant. They meet accidentally when he sets up the air conditioning for her new house. They have an awkward reunion, having not seen each other in years. She is now a celebrity chef, running a Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Los Angeles. While he is still working for his dad and playing with his band in the evenings. Their love grows with the food cooked by Marcus’s mom. Although they are reluctant to reconnect, they find anything between them, and maybe the new ones.

4. Good burger (1997)

Good burger best cooking movies on netflix

Good Burger is a movie in the list of Netflix food movies based on the sketch of the same name on the Nickelodeon series All that. A high school student, Dexter Reed, causes a car accident with his teacher, Mr. Wheat. Having neither a driver’s license nor car insurance, Dexter is in danger of going to jail. Fortunately, Mr. Wheat agrees to let him pay for the damage and not call the police.

He works for Good Burger after being fired by a manager who is soon to open a competitive restaurant with Good Burger. While working in the burger restaurant, he meets absent-minded Ed. Continuing to work, they become good friends and create a secret sauce to get extra money. But as soon as the burger becomes famous, they are threatened by Mondo Burger and Kurt.

5. Like water for chocolate (1992)

Like water for chocolate netflix movies about cooking

Like water for chocolate (Como Ague Para Chocolate in Spanish) is a Mexican romantic drama film in the style of magical realism based on a novel published by Mexican novelist Laura Award. 

Tita is a young lady forbidden to marry her love, Pedro. Due to her family’s tradition, Pedro marries her older sister, Rosaura. Marrying her older sister is the only way that keeps him closer to Tita. While preparing the wedding cake, her tears get into the batter. Tita’s magical emotions emerge through her cooking, and her love for Perdo is facing challenges.  

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6. Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan

Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan netflix food movies

Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan is an Indian television series. The movie is a step into the world of Indian cuisine. The show welcomes the viewers to India’s iconic dishes from the royals, showing how the words are discovered and the story behind the food. Each episode focuses on a single state and its dishes. 

There are many famous dishes in India, such as dosas and idlis, to street food like chaat. However, the reason behind it is barely spoken. Besides illustrating the food, the show raises questions about the origin of the ingredients and why they are prominent in Indian cuisine.  

7. Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman (2017)

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman netflix food movies

The love for sweet food never ends, even when you’re a grown-up man. The show is a sweet booster after a busy day. The cheerful comedy series is a sweet dessert for you, with tempting close-ups and graphics to provide the ingredients. It’s all about the history of food, language, culture, and location.

This is one of the best Netflix food movies you shouldn’t miss if you have intention of watching some movies about food.

8. Samurai Gourmet (2017)

Samurai Gourmet best food movies on netflix

Samurai Gourmet is another Japanese movie for fans of Japanese cuisine. Based on the story by Masayuki Kusumu and Shigery Ysuchiyama, the film is about a retired businessman with simple tastes named Takashi Kasumi. During his joyful meals, his world turns into a samurai story. 

If you love Japanese food, Samurai Gourmet is one of the best food movies for you. The film is simple and about a retired man. However, the exciting part is its narrative storytelling. However, the show is focused on the internal dialogue inside your head when you’re into a fantastic meal. After watching it, you might want to visit a sushi den or yakitori parlor and have a solo meal like Kasumi. 

9. A tale of two kitchens (2019)

A tale of two kitchens netflix food movies

A story of Chef Gabriela Cámara’s vision of launching a restaurant in two cities: San Francisco and Mexico City. A tale of two kitchens not only presents the American’s perspective toward Mexican food but is also the staff’s bond. It shows that a kitchen is not a cooking place. It’s a door to get people closer despite the varied cultures. 

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10. Flavor of youth: International Version (2018)

Flavor of youth: International Version netflix food movies

Flavor of Youth: International Version is a Japanese-Chinese co-production, released in Japan and China globally on Netflix and StudioCanal. The film has three storylines: Hidamari no Choshoku (The Rice Noodles), Chiisana Fashion Show (A Little Fashion Show), and Shanghai Koi (Love in Shanghai).

Each storyline focuses on the main character’s story and their love for food, from Beijing to Shanghai. Some things seem to change over time, but the short-lived moments of childhood remain unchanged. A bowl of noodles, the beauty of family, and first love are the strength of bonds and warmth of memories. In the chaotic world, youth’s flavor is a reason for people to continue living.

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