Netflix Mushroom Documentary To Dive Into the Magic World

Fantastic Fungi

Mushrooms are an essential ingredient in cooking movies. Learning from mushrooms assists scientists in understanding better natural life. Many hidden questions lie behind the world of fungi. The magic mushroom is a controversial topic and has become a title for film productions to explore. If you are interested in deep learning about the magical world of fungi, the Netflix mushroom documentary is waiting for you to get into it. 

Best movies of the mushroom documentary on Netflix 

1. Fantastic Fungi (2019)

Fantastic Fungi mushroom documentary Netflix

“Fantastic Fungi” is a message about saving the planet. Louie Schwartzberg’s documentary evokes questions about the ecosystem and the role of a species in the natural cycle of life. Understanding the mushroom world allows humans to see new aspects of the environment or science. It is a mysterious world, welcoming humans to go in and explore it. 

The topic is not attractive to a large audience. Who cares about the mushrooms that can be found widely in the forest? However, this Netflix mushroom documentary will change your opinion. Beginning with the alluring voice of Brie Larson, the mushroom is essential for nature and the planet. Mushrooms have appeared for an extended period along with the development of the Earth. It contains thousands of pieces of information about the planet itself. The mushroom is a symbol of a connection with nature. 

Paul Stamets graduated with a bachelor’s degree but was denied permission to continue his education. His knowledge of fungi comes from self-study. Because of that, his point of view about fungi is diversity. The movie provides scientific information through Fantastic Fungi and Paul Stamets, but it’s not difficult to understand. 

The movie looks at how fungi have assisted science and opened the door to scientists. Fungi saved the British soldiers. Fungi are the key to protecting the bees responsible for biology. In this mushroom documentary on Netflix, there are many interesting facts and stories about fungi. 

2. The Mind, Explained Recap: Elevated Consciousness (Episode 5, “Psychedelics”)

The Mind, Explained Recap: Elevated Consciousness Netflix mushroom documentary

The extract from the fungi impacts the human brain. If you have watched Fantastic Fungi, you can add this documentary to your list. The Mind, Explained Episode 5 establishes a connection between anxiety and the use of psychedelic drugs. Despite the fantastic results from the drug, one of the most frequent concerns is that it is a drug, and issues with drugs are inevitable.

The Mind, Explained is a five-part documentary from Vox’s Explained series. The human brain has unlimited potential. The series analyzes the why and how of memory and focus, anxiety and depression, and the importance of mindfulness.
Although the film is not about the Netflix mushroom documentary, it’s worth watching as the show provides interesting facts about the human brain. Watch more Netflix food movies on Thecookingmovie.

Mushroom Documentary on Amazon Prime

Like food documentaries on Netflix, food documentaries on Amazon Prime also give you many movies about mushroom. Let’s discover!

3. Know Your Mushroom

Know Your Mushroom mushroom documentary on Netflix

“Know Your Mushroom” is a mushroom documentary film from Canada. The documentary investigates the astonishing and mysterious world of fungi. Following the guidance of Visionaries Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans, the audience goes on a hunt for wild mushrooms and has an experience related to the mysterious fungi.

Fungi are one of the oldest and largest organisms on Earth. The function of fungi in the ecosystem is vital. It provides a “clean” pesticide in some areas that are in the dangerous situation of toxins.

Surrounding the Telluride Mushroom Fest with archival footage and the soundtrack of The Flaming Lips, this film is a tour guide to take the audience on an incredible trip of the fungi’s world.

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4. Planet Fungi (2020)

Planet Fungi Netflix documentary about mushrooms

Plant Fungi is the adventurous trip of Axford and Marciniak. They traveled through the Indian state of Meghalaya, near Bangladesh, to record the edible and poisonous mushrooms in the area. The documentary is an exploring and beautiful trip to a fungi safari in the eastern Himalayas.

Presented by Axford, a fantastic photographer trusted by local and international scientific support, the documentary opens the world of fungi and India’s culture and human aspects. India is like its mushrooms, complex and colorful. Watching the film, India puts a remark on the show by its religious, social, and people.

Stephen Axford is a great presenter; his commentary is clear and short. Therefore, the documentary is easy to follow.

Planet Fungi is not an expensive documentary compared to other professional documentaries. However, the film’s realism and straightforwardness are its points, making it engaging, educational, and entertaining.

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5. Little Saints: Eat a Mushroom, Talk to God (2014)

Little Saints: Eat a Mushroom, Talk to God

The film follows six American men and women, along with director Oliver Quintanilla, traveling to Mexico to participate in an ancient psychological and physical healing ritual.

Consuming the psilocybe mushrooms in southern Mexico is an ancient ritual. This action allows people to get deep into the mind and isolate the external influences while being guided by the Mazatec shaman Natalia, an extraordinary woman. With the support of the shaman, the patients delve into the issues and find answers within themselves. The ritual finishes when the shaman purifies their spirits through prayers and emery cleansings.

Along with their story, the film includes scientists and researchers to give their knowledge of psychedelic medicines and their point of view of Mazatec traditions to bring this method to the community. 

The world of fungi is full of mystery and diversity. Mushrooms are the most recognizable form of fungi. Many experts believe that fungi may be the answer to humanity’s worst excesses. The Netflix mushroom documentary welcomes the audience to dive into the fungi world and explore the solution by itself. Each mushroom documentary contains fascinating pieces of information about the fungi. There are more aspects of fungi that humans have never seen. 

 Nature remains a big question for humans. Those mushroom documentaries can provide a slice of natural life to better understand our world. Watch more movies about food and cooking on Thecookingmovie, we ‘ll give you the best and latest list of movies related to food.