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Somebody Feed Phil Italian cooking show

Italian Cooking Shows To Explore Colorful Italian Cuisine

Italian food culture is diverse and widespread. Worldwide, famous foods such as pizza, spaghetti, etc., are the most commonly used recipes. However, Italian food is much more than that. The long history of culinary culture makes Italian cuisine stand out with its solid colors and rich flavors. Watching Italian cooking shows can inspire you to...

The Solitary Gourmet (Kodoku no Guru) Japanese cooking shows

Japanese Cooking Shows To Explore the Food Art Culture

If you want to start learning about Japanese food art, watching Japanese cooking shows is a good way to understand and appreciate the art of cooking. The Japanese cooking style is famous for its elegant and detailed preparation. Each dish requires the close attention of the cook. Because, according to Japanese people, every dish is...

The Mind of a Chef netflix chef show

6 Best Chef Shows On Netflix To Stream And Enjoy 

The best food shows and movies have migrated from traditional networks to on-demand services like Netflix in recent years, resulting in a new wave of onscreen cooking and high-definition belly candy. So, what are some of the best Netflix chef shows? Below are some chef shows on Netflix that you must see. Why should you...


The Best 5 Vegan Cooking Shows To Vary Your Plant-Based Meals

When it comes to relaxing content, cooking shows are the top priority because of feeling easy-watching. Especially, vegan cooking shows have become the first choice for numerous vegetarians to broaden their mind and open up the vegan menu. Through these, vegan eating will turn out more attractive. However, among a variety of vegan cooking shows...


The 10 Best Food Documentaries On Netflix To Binge Watch Now

Food documentaries on Netflix are in a class of their own; the cinematography, music, and scripting elevate these non-fiction films and series to new heights. These documentaries are about the human spirit, race, culture, gender, motherhood, and so much more. To say they are only about food would be doing them a major disservice; they...