The Best 5 Vegan Cooking Shows To Vary Your Plant-Based Meals


When it comes to relaxing content, cooking shows are the top priority because of feeling easy-watching. Especially, vegan cooking shows have become the first choice for numerous vegetarians to broaden their mind and open up the vegan menu. Through these, vegan eating will turn out more attractive. However, among a variety of vegan cooking shows nowadays, some may wonder what is the both interesting and useful show to watch. To answer that, kindly follow our article below for the best 5 vegan cooking TV shows. A friendly note is that you can totally watch these programs on many platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

What is a vegan cooking show?

To begin, keep in mind that vegan and vegetarian diets do not include meat or fish. Vegan diets, on the other hand, go one step farther by eliminating all animal-based foods entirely. As a result, vegans forego dairy products, eggs, and honey in addition to meat.

Vegan cooking shows generally include a host and each episode will have a different guest who will offer a vegan meal. Elements might range from commonplace letters to high-quality ingredients that make vegetarian dinners as opulent as those made with animal products. In general, the show will make it simple for spectators to take notes as required.

1. New Day New Chef 


Jane Velez-Mitchell, a vegan author and journalist, hosts the vegan culinary program New Day New Chef, which tries to remove the myth that eliminating meat and dairy from one’s diet is a sacrifice. The first season consists of eight episodes with a variety of celebrity co-hosts, well-known vegan chefs, and a panel of taste-testers who assess the meals using fun metrics.

Today is a new day. New Chef is extremely revolutionary. While there have been prior vegan cooking shows, nothing on this magnitude, shot on a soundstage, and including the hard work and devotion of over 70 people who offered their particular abilities because of their enthusiasm for this topic has ever existed.

2. Global Bites With Eddie Garza


Eddie Garza is a vegan chef, cookbook author, Humane Society of the United States program manager for food and nutrition, and VegNews magazine food columnist who works to improve food systems in underserved regions. Garza’s new show will take viewers on a global culinary adventure with recipes like Roman pasta carbonara, Valencian paella, Lebanese maghmour, and Cuban ropa vieja, with vegan celebrities like model and television personality Daisy Fuentes often accompanying him.

Hosted by Jane Velez-New Mitchell, New Chef episode premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2019 has since received accolades, expanded globally, and is presently recording its second season.

3. What’s Cooking Omari?


Omari is a 12-year-old boy currently living in the UK, he found his passion for cooking after his father taught his children the basics of cooking so that he could help his mother cook when she was sick, because Omari’s mother was often tormented by terrible headaches. During such times of illness, the boy’s mother is often unable to do housework as usual and needs a lot of help.

The TV cooking show production unit led by Omari highly appreciates the boy: “Omari is only 12 years old, but has won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of netizens, he knows how to create excitement for viewers when watching how he prepares delicious vegetarian dishes.

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4. Peeled


Peeled allows plant – based foods to enjoy vegan cooking tv shows again and provides plant-based culinary arts a platform to be taken seriously.”

Throughout the show’s run, a group of professional chefs will compete in a variety of tasks to impress an all-vegan panel of judges. The chef with the lowest score will be eliminated – “peeled off” – in each episode, and the lucky ones who remain will compete for the title of “Hottest Vegan Chef.” The winner and last remaining chef will each receive a $1,000 cash gift to a charity of their choice.

5. Living on the Veg


This vegan cooking show on Netflix comes from Britain that premiered on ITV in 2020. It is presented by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, better known as BOSH!, two cooking authors and bloggers. Each episode includes a sequence of dishes prepared by Firth and Theasby, as well as a guest who discusses food and their profession with the hosts. Rock Oyster Media produced the film, which was released by Cineflix Rights. ITV’s first vegan culinary show is called Living on the Veg.

The first season consisted of ten one-hour episodes that aired once a week on Sunday mornings. Firth and Theasby prepare a variety of vegan delicacies for a variety of meals, including “pizzas, burgers, curries, pies, large breakfasts, [and] delicious desserts,” according to the show. They want to take viewers through a different weekly meal every episode. There is a guest in every episode. There is a lighthearted tone to the film, with back-and-forth between Firth and Theasby.

The vegan diet has gradually become very popular. More and more people are deciding to go vegan for ethical, environmental and health reasons. When done properly, this diet will bring many health benefits, which is why vegan cooking programs are constantly growing in quantity and quality to serve the needs of the day increase. In addition, if watching Netflix or Amazon too much makes you want to find more shows and movies about food, then Thecookingmovie is the best suggestion for you, which offers a series of attractive and carefully selected shows, will bring you the most relaxing and rewarding moments.