Top 12 Best Cooking Shows On Amazon Prime You Can Stream Now


There aren’t enough meals or minutes in the day if you’re seeking the best cooking shows on Amazon Prime! These are the shows that we watch on the  weekends. We hope you appreciate these as much as we do, and do let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed.

How to watch the best cooking shows on Amazon Prime?

Besides being able to shop from my couch, another fantastic benefit for Amazon Prime users is their Prime Video app, which contains thousands of TV series and movies to view for free. It can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you aren’t already a Prime member. You can view the best cooking shows on Amazon Prime straight through the app once you become a member. It’s compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Smart TVs if you prefer to watch them on your TV. Download the app, log in, and if the show’s thumbnail has a Prime banner over the upper left, you can watch it for free.

Top 10 best cooking shows on Amazon Prime

1. My Kitchen Rules


This Amazon Prime cooking show is extremely addictive! If you liked “Instant Hotel” on Netflix, you will enjoy its sequel. Six couples compete in an Australian cooking competition by transforming their homes into restaurants for an evening. For their rivals and two celebrity chef judges, the duo prepares a three-course dinner. It’s fascinating to watch how everyone evaluates the dinners. If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, you’ll appreciate this show and the competitors’ problems.

2. Great British Menu


The production value of cooking competitions is sometimes overestimated. Opening a can of beans can be dramatic when accompanied by powerful music and the correct camera angle. The drama is real when a chance to cook for British royalty is on the line, as it is in this popular competition. This Amazon Prime cooking show is both fun and educational.

3. The French Chef


It’s clear why Julia Child is so revered after seeing this series. This woman deconstructs one of the most difficult cuisines, French cuisine, in such a way that viewers gain the confidence and ability to tackle even the most difficult dishes. It’s well worth your time.

4. James May: Oh Cook


You’re probably familiar with James May from the iconic British car show “Top Gear.” The host has now entered the world of cooking. May begins the broadcast by declaring that he cannot cook, despite having a book deal. The show, one of the best food shows on Amazon Prime, follows him as he prepares meals and deals with minor culinary disasters. It’s funny, honest, and enjoyable to watch.

5. My Greatest Dishes


Famous chefs talk about the four recipes that changed their lives. The majority of the meals will not be prepared at home, and they will not discuss how to do so. It is, nonetheless, worth seeing if you are interested in the lives of these people. The Prue Leith episode was fantastic; it showed a different side of the judge from “The Great British Baking Show” and reminded us of her impressive background.

6. Fluffy’s Food Adventures


Comedian Gabriel Iglesias and his friends visit numerous places recommended by his social media fans while on tour. Self-described “fluffy” Iglesias boldly displays over-the-top plates from off-the-beaten-path locations in a gesture to enjoy a lot of food. Because it contains mature comedy, this Amazon Prime cooking show is not a family show, but it is entertaining.

7. Eat The World With Emeril Lagasse


Emeril Lagasse, celebrity chef and restaurateur, hosts this brief season of six 30-minute episodes from 2016. But it packs a punch because Lagasse enlists the help of his culinary buddies for big foodie journeys, from Spain with José Andrés to South Korea with Danny Bowien (of NYC’s Mission Chinese Food) to Italy with Nancy Silverton (of LA’s Pizzeria Mozza). Although it isn’t as polished as some of the other cooking shows, it is enough culinary geekery to keep you interested.

8. Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 


Keep an eye on Ramsay as he does what he does best: instruct. Each of the ten episodes is themed differently, allowing viewers to fill in the gaps in their culinary knowledge. As usual, the seasoned professional instructs in an approachable, enthusiastic, and memorable manner, ensuring that you will learn something.

9. America’s Test Kitchen


There’s America’s Test Kitchen for those who are still lamenting the loss of Good Eats—and for those who have rewatched all 14 seasons. With a series of thoroughly tested recipes, each step backed up by innumerable trials, it reminds us of everything we love about Alton Brown. For dedicated cooks, this Amazon Prime cooking show is an at-home cooking school.

10. Just Eat It


This isn’t just another food waste documentary: Just Eat It’s brave stars take part in a six-month challenge in which they forgo grocery shopping entirely and survive on food that would otherwise be thrown away. In between dumpster dives, the film looks at how something as simple as expiration dates adds to our country’s food poverty problem.

11. Making Perfect


Quarantine could be the perfect opportunity to hone your pizza-making abilities. This is the first season of Bon Appétit’s Making Perfect series, which focuses on creating the perfect pie from beginning to end. Watch how BA’s test-kitchen crew visits legendary pizzerias in New York City, debates the merits of low-moisture versus fresh mozzarella, and finally develops the ideal version. Hopefully, you’ve stocked up on enough essentials to emerge from social isolation as your own pizzeria.

12. Food Groups


These ten-minute pieces, produced by Thrillist, feature groups of compulsive gourmands and the delicacies they can’t get enough of. This Amazon Prime cooking show is inspired by a little-known Chicago specialty known as “mild sauce.” Dave Infante, the host, tests the mysterious condiment at some of the city’s famous fried chicken joints before speaking with local poets, artists, and the creators of the Mild Sauce podcast.

Have you found your favorite shows among the best cooking shows on Amazon Prime that we presented above? We hope that you have. And don’t forget to visit our website for more suggestions on the best British food shows and food cartoon movies!