Top 5 Healthy Cooking Shows That Diversifies Your Recipes


When it comes to food, we always have a need to eat what is truly delicious but still have to ensure the provision of essential nutrients for the body. So how to balance these two things, where do we learn from, where do we get information?. To meet that need, more and more healthy cooking shows are born on many platform applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. These can completely become your cooking teachers without going to offline class, just at home you can cook a variety of nutritious and delicious dishes.

Overview of healthy cooking shows

Healthy food, firstly, is a way to name foods that are healthy, safe and healthy for the user’s body. Healthy foods bring positive values ​​to users’ health such as: controlling food intake in the body, increasing resistance, limiting excess fat gain in the body, healthy diet to lose weight, weight gain ….Commonly used healthy diets are organic foods, natural foods, and no harmful impurities. At the same time, the processing of healthy food is also simplified, less fried, in order to keep the essence of the food. These are also the principles of healthy food.

Healthy cooking shows are also based on these principles, so remember that a vegetarian diet is also considered a form of healthy food, but healthy food can still include chicken, beef, eggs, milk,… as long as they bring beneficial substances, do not cause negative effects on human health. In each healthy food cooking show episode, audiences can learn how to cook a new dish from food expert or famous chefs that can vary your daily meal and improve your health.

1. Ugly Delicious


This healthy food cooking show features celebrity chef David Chang’s discovery of foods from throughout the world that are frequently ignored, as the title suggests. Along the way, he’ll be joined by a who’s who of celebrities to taste, talk, and investigate what makes good cuisine good, as well as how food can be utilized as a vehicle for cultural change. If you enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s personality and approach to food, Ugly Delicious will be just up your alley. Now, this is an outstanding  food shows on netflix that attract a number of viewers

2. The Game Changers 


The Game Changers is a healthy food TV show with a mission to show that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring. A UFC fighter enlists the services of scientists and specialists in order to discover the greatest diet for humans in terms of performance and physical health. The rising popularity of plant-based diets is highlighted, as well as why so many individuals have become converts. It’s not an evangelistic show aimed at persuading viewers to change their minds about what they eat, but rather an objective look at the different diets and how they affect people’s health.

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3. Street Food Collection


Street Food, one of the most appealing healthy cooking shows 2020, has been launched by the filmmakers behind Chef’s Table show. In this series, fans of Chef’s Table will receive a unique perspective. Instead than focusing on the world’s greatest fine dining places (and the chefs who run them), Street Food focuses on, well, street food. Each episode examines the culinary splendor that is savored by countless people every day, from roadside kiosks to marketplaces bursting with locals-only cuisine. The first edition of the collection, Street Food Asia, takes viewers on a nine-episode trip around Asia, with each episode focusing on a different Asian nation. 

The documentary Street Culinary Latin America, which will be broadcast in 2020, will introduce audiences to the colorful food cultures of Oaxaca, Mexico; Salvador, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and other Latin American cities. This is one of the best travel food cooking shows on Netflix.

4. The Chef Show 


This Netflix show about food and health had its start in 2014, when Jon Favreau met Roy Choi while filming his film Chef (Choi was a consultant). We may presume that this encounter resulted in a long-lasting friendship based on a shared love of eating. In The Chef Show, Favreau and Choi show how much fun cooking with friends can be. The show’s creators cook, consume, and learn about how food brings people together, from renowned chefs (pitmaster Aaron Franklin) to film superstars (Bill Burr).

5. Cooked With Cannabis


Over the last decade, the country, and now the world, has seen some subjectively insane new rules and regulations. What is the subject at hand? Legalization of marijuana. Since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational cannabis over ten years ago, additional states have followed suit and adapted their cultures around it. All of this culminates in cannabis cooking events, which pit culinary prowess against a fresh new challenge we never expected to see: create a delectable dish utilizing cannabis’ euphoric effects and tastes. There are other cooking shows that follow this new pattern currently, but this one is a favorite since it has entertaining guests and delectable cuisine.

So above are the 5 best and most attractive healthy food cooking shows that we have suggested. We do hope your daily meals will be more nutritious, delicious and more beautiful thanks to these cooking programs. above. Also, visit our website to watch even more great shows with high resolution and no ads. The experiences brought will make you love cooking more than ever.